Album Review: Kind Beast – ‘Dirty Realism’


On Dirty Realism, Kind Beast brings a genre mash-up to the table with sounds from classic rock, modern punk and post-grunge. Each track highlights different parts to leave the audience with different senses of nostalgia. The album possesses many different genre twists and turns that will leave the audience in awe. Dirty Realism releases on December 8.

Dirty Realism Tracklist:

1. The Future is Fine
2. Pull Your Stunt
3. Ride Your Snake
4. Cry Without Shame
5. Take a Shine
6. No More Blues
7. Highway Madness
8. Up Your Spine
9. Fresh Hell
10. The Strange Hours

The album presents a U2 meets Queens of The Stone feel. I highly recommend it to those who are fans of late 90’s and early 2000’s scene as there’s quite a bit of influence from that era. If I were to pick a favorite track from the album, it would have to be Highway Madness. Lyrically and musically, it makes a beautiful melody. My favorite part of the song, lyrically is the chorus: You know I made the promise/And I intend to ride ’til the end/Cities, mountains, the river bends/And how long must we drive before we’ll never/Ever have to return again/Or was that all just highway madness? The way I see it, the chorus tells a story of two people wanting to remain in each other’s lives but there was something blocking them from doing so. It can be relatable to so many people who have that one person in their lives but know that being without them is for the best. Not to mention this track makes for a great track for a car trip playlist.

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