Album Review: Dr. Acula – Self-Titled


After nearly 15 years of being apart, Dr. Acula have stormed back into the scene with a newfound drive on their first record in almost a decade. They have a new level of octane, have a new depth in their sound, and a massive growth that shows through on every single component of their self-titled record, Dr. Acula.

Blending elements of their classic grindcore and deathcore, but also adding some more flairs of more traditional hardcore, they reach a blend that is a truly fresh getup for the Long Island quartet. The songs gravitate around the two-to-three-minute length, which make them perfect, bite-sized piece of all-out war. With 11 songs clocking in at around 27 minutes, it is the perfectly digestible record for the genre.

Lyrically, the band have shed some of the party and horror movie gimmick approach and have instead poured their hearts into the record and held it high, much like the monster on the cover. It is so passionate, direct, and—at times—vulnerable in a way that most bands would hesitate at. Some true darkness was put into this record but they come out the other side triumphant, and baring their fangs at all that previously stood in its way.

Sonically, it is heavy as hell. It blasts with devastating drums, razor-sharp guitars, blistering low-end, and—dare I say it—monstrous vocals at the front of it all. It is a barrage that takes you in so many directions. It touches on genres the band helped influence before and after their disbanding, and then has a strength in its hardcore roots that make the whole thing wrapped up cohesively.

After nearly 10 years with no output and even longer than that not playing together in this form, this record is an absolute feat of the work and individuals that went into it. It is a stellar example of what heavy music should be moving toward. Dr. Acula does not read like a band cutting its teeth, but rather as a magnificent return to form for the Long Island quartet.

Dr. Acula is out today via Silent Pendulum Records, and you can check out “How To Kill A Monster” below and the full record here.

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