Album Review: Drudkh – “A Furrow Cut Short”

A Furrow Cut Short
(Season of Mist)

Ushering forth from the battle grounds of the Ukraine come the legendary Drudkh with their latest album A Furrow Cut Short. AFCS resembles the roots of the bands extreme vision of black metal. It is incredibly poignant, savage, brutal, and beautiful – much like the tragically war torn land of Eastern Europe.

On a cool night in the middle of February with nothing to keep my mind at peace, this album has fulfilled a dark spot in my soul, and probably relates to hopeless truths anyone with a positive attitude would shun me away from. I think that the world is toxic, utterly without a chance, beautiful for all it should be and is not, and that is why I need Drudkh.

A Furrow Cut Short captures that essence of darkness combined with poetic charm, and that essence is the voice of Drudkh all throughout their career. Some of Drudkh’s work has been eclectic, moody, and creatively versatile. For instance 2010’s Handful of Stars was very similar to this work in its expression, but I felt like it was more of a rock album. Ultimately, Drudkh has maintained the same voice on each album, and as the voice evolves from time to time it takes the band on a different course without interrupting the integrity. For instance, Microcosmos from 2009 could be considered on the verge of a prog album, but there is still the tragic vibe that I feel is very specific to Drudkh. 2014’s Eastern Frontier In Flames fittingly returned Drudkh back to their extreme frontier as a pioneering folk/black metal band from the eastern Ukraine. A Furrow Cut Short doesn’t stray from that program, it takes it to the next level, and just doesn’t relent.

If you’re into black metal at all, A Furrow Cut Short should be on your list of albums to buy. This one is worthy of praise, an authentic masterpiece in the making, and a long awaited return to Drudkh’s most extreme roots. Don’t be at all shocked if you find this baby in a number of top 25 lists for 2015. (Metal Nick)

Purchase A Furrow Cut Short here.

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