Album Review: Eddie Japan – Pop Fiction


Even after hearing the prelude that was their solid 2019 EP, there’s still little to prepare you for the sonic oddness/brilliance of Eddie Japan’s new 11 song debut LP, Pop Fiction. As advertised, it is a pop record, but one with plenty of prefixes (Power, Cinematic, Glam, etc.)

From the opening, synth heavy “Edward Descending,” with its addictively kitschy ‘50s meets ‘80s sound (which sounds like it would have fit pertly on Bat Out Of Hell), the album is as fun as it is quirky. Labeled as a Pop Opera, the story centers on Edward Japan, described by the band as “a strip mall Don Giovanni who attempts to find the meaning in life via afternoon trysts in the ether of suburbia.” What’s not to love.

Across nearly a dozen tracks, the group delivers an album as diverse musically (New Wave, Glam, etc.) as it is enjoyable. “Summer Hair,” is faux earnest breezy pop song. The same can be said of the slow burn “The Dandy of Suburbia,” surprisingly effective, despite the lyrics. The band even brings in a ringer, with The Cars’ Greg Hawkes playing keyboards on “I Can’t Wait” and “Time Machine.”

Bizarre but also absolutely sublime at times, Eddie Japan could almost be accused of being a novelty band if they weren’t so damn good.

Purchase this album.

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