Album Review : Ellen May Releases Debut EP ‘A Lonely Way To Go’

Alternative band Ellen May released their debut EP A Lonely Way To Go, a production to please fans of contemporary Midwest emo. We’re Trying Records put out the album.

“(The album is) themed around the fact ‘we all die alone even when surrounded by various relationships,’” the band say. “The four-song EP features emotive lyrics and punchy rhythms bringing the vocals to life.”

New Noise covered the EP’s opening song “How It Came To This” earlier in the year, a slickly produced emo/ pop-punk hybrid. At the time, the band described the tune as reflective track about relationships lost.

“Often we’re left wondering, how did a relationship with someone become such a distant memory?” the band said at the time.

The next track, “Misconstrued” is well paced with a bouncy drum beat. “Hawthorne” begins as a emotional, vocally-centered tune before the speed quickens. “Back To The Start” is an electric final song, providing a solid finish to an EP that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Ellen May shows they’re a band with scene staying power on this debut EP. The Perth, Australia natives have a bright future ahead. Keep a close eye on upcoming music here.

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