Album Review: Evergrey – Theories of Emptiness


Gothenburg’s metal band, Evergrey, have released their fourteenth album, Theories of Emptiness on June 7, 2024. The album has a refined sense to it that makes it such a great listen. Each track has its own feel and I love that.

Stream Theories of Emptiness here.

The way that it opens up with “Falling From The Sun” is such a great power move. It really sets the tone for the album nicely. It really gives a culmination of all of the other tracks on the record. There might’ve been a bit of a longer intro, but the overall feel is really well done. The lyrics definitely feel like it’s on the theme of how everyone loses themselves and fall from grace, which in this case would be the sun.

The sophomore track, “Misfortune,” completely changes the tone to the album as it introduces the concept of backing vocals. They were well used, there are some tracks that overuse backing vocals but this track did not. There was a decent balance between the main vocals and the backing vocals. The solos that were utilized within this track, really showed the power that instruments contain. When “To Become Someone Else,” began, the louder backing tracks with drums and guitars fade at the start, allowing for vocals to be showcased in a part of deep emotion. I enjoyed after the emotion was conveyed enough, that’s when the instruments really picked up and the tone changed. It was a nice pace to switch it to. The middle of the song was really nice because there were no vocals and it was strictly instrumental. It was a long instrument soli.

“Say” was a game-changer song for me, the way that they captured the feel of an uplifting track with talking about if you want something done, stand up for yourself and don’t change who you are no matter who’s asking. The guitars are also well utilized and the balance with the drums, make it such a fun track to listen to. “Ghost Of My Hero” is a completely different track from the previous and I think that makes it so unique to have a complete mirror idea track back to back. The song is much more quiet and tame. It also feels like it’s more about what happens after losing a loved one or someone that you’re close to. The way how dominant the vocals over the guitars and drums are, it shows the level of import that the lyrics have for them.

“We Are The North” was a track that had a lot of emotion and power behind it. It had almost Vikings meet metal sound. The level of referral of oneself felt as high as a viking speaking of oneself, whilst also talking as if part of something bigger than just one. “One Heart” follows along the same lines but it has a lot more of a different feel when it comes to guitars. The drums have that same feel, the name makes it feel like it’s a united community that live in harmony. The line “one heart, one soul” also provides me with that kind of sense to it. It could also be a soulmate like thing. There are many meanings to this and it’s what makes it so great.

Reaching the last four tracks on the album, there’s quite a bit of different change. It’s much more about improving oneself how to uplift oneself. The rhythms also get more intense, for example in track nine, “Cold Dreams,” there are screaming vocals and that’s something that is featured on maybe three other tracks. It made for such an interesting track and concept. How each had its own story, was really creative on the album.

“Our Way Through Silence” is the penultimate track, but it’s a roller coaster with the piano backing the intro and around the one minute mark, it picks up to their classic sound. The vocals are quite powerful, clean yet powerful. The guitars have definitely changed within this track from the others. It’s easier to focus on the message of the song. It’s almost hopeful, talking about a way to make it out.

The final track is also the self-titled track, “Theories of Emptiness.” It’s the shortest track but it works nicely because it feels like it’s a memory type of thing. With the monologue being spoken over, mixed with the strings, everythign seemed like it worked out perfectly. The spoken word is almost as if the person is speaking to themself.

It was difficult to pick a favorite track but the way the emotion went into “Cold Dreams,” definitely sparked something within me. The way that the instrumentals worked so well with it is another track that made for such a great listen.

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