Album Review: Evil Invaders – “Pulses of Pleasure”

Evil Invaders
Pulses of Pleasure
(Napalm Records)

I’m not even sure what to think of Evil Invaders’ Pulses of Pleasure. On one hand I’m glad that they took their band name from a Razor album, and on the other hand I think it’s stupid doing it.  I mean the new album is cool I guess, if you’re looking for something that is really trying to sound utterly unoriginal.

There are certainly some redeeming qualities, and let’s not be too hasty by calling Evil Invaders Pulses of Pleasure a completely bogus record. Sam Lemmens can play guitar really well. He does deserve to be respected as an all around good guitar player. Evil Invaders do have fantastic riffs. Every song on the record has a good part, because Sam Lemmens is just so sexy. He makes my face wet – from its own melting.

Is Johannes Van Audenhove trying to sound like King Diamond? I think that’s what kills it for me. I don’t want to hear anyone try to sound like King Diamond. It’s super corny, and the only reason it is cool for King Diamond to do it is because reasons. I get it. King Diamond is super influential, and probably one of the coolest vocalists of all time. His reputation will follow him into history, as it already has, and always will. Just don’t try to sound like him. Johannes also plays guitar, and we’ll say he’s pretty responsible for playing some of those awesome riffs, nevertheless awesome riffs that I’ve heard 100 times before. Right when I thought his voice was about to wear off on me, it didn’t. Unlike Cauldron and Enforcer – this just is not working!  The Venom is NOT good.

A redeeming quality of this album is Sam Lemmens. Sam Lemmens shreds so hard that my great-grandma heard him, and she’s been dead for a long time. I would go to an Evil Invaders show to see Sam Lemmens play, but everything else about this band is fail.

Wait… “Shot To Paradise” is actually a good song. This should be the template for the rest of their music. Yeah, track number 6 is actually a great song. Wow. What did they do there? (Metal Nick)

Purchase Pulses of Pleasure on iTunes here.

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