Album Review: Evisorax – “Goodbye to the Feast…Welcome to the Famine”

Goodbye to the Feast…Welcome to the Famine
(Bones Brigade Records)

The new Evisorax record is about what you’d expect from a grindcore band, only noisier and more distorted (if you can believe it). Goodbye to the Feast… starts off a little weak – “Greedy Pig” and “Blood Fucking Blisters” are both a little too similar, and too generic – but it does gain momentum mid way (mark that with “End User (Director’s Cut))”, especially by its final two tracks. “So Many Fat People During the Famine” is easily the highlight of the record. It’s got more girth to throw around, and is also much further advanced in sound; the writing is more complex, and seems to play to a point (whereas previous tracks seemed to just exist for the sake of pure chaos). Then, at the end, you have “All the Best Bits, They Left Out Your Death”, which features a strong assault of drums and some especially tortured vocals.

Evisorax may not be up to par with Ion Dissonance or Grindlock, but they’ve got something working for them in their more intricate moments. “So Many Fat People During the Famine” would certainly be awesome as a 7” picture disc (perhaps released alongside Record Store Day), and the band sounds as if they’d make for a killer (and greatly loud) live show. Though Goodbye to the Feast… seemed to sound best through the smaller speakers of my phone than inside my car (maybe because the distortion increases with louder sound systems), it comes out as a solid (albeit not great) grindcore release to start off the new year. (Nathaniel Lay)

Purchase Goodbye to the Feast…Welcome to the Famine here.

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