Album Review: EYES – Congratulations


Hailing from Denmark, and producing a nasty concoction of hardcore with a twist of metal, EYES is releasing their second full-length album Congratulations. This album is a fierce display of aggravation through music. Biting vocals follow harsh instrumentals throughout the record. Every song is an audible panic attack, engulfing the listener and taking them through a cascade of pounding tones. You’re not going to want to miss this.

Congratulations verges on metal with how brutal the instrumentals are. Riff heavy guitars lead the rest of the band through a carnage of grindcore-esque screams, backed by drums that deliver a fateful blow on every hit of the drumhead. Each track is a gut punch, destroying the listener through EYES’ own unique hardcore style. If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll appreciate this record.

The opener “Generation L” is a great beginning to Congratulations. This slow march to death features guitar riffs that are clean yet vicious and drums that are energetic but will suck the life out of you. The vocals from singer Victor Kaas are just the cherry on top, adding panicked screams that are fighting outward. The rest of Congratulations follow suit.

There isn’t a bad song on Congratulations. Every song is a dark and heavy display of brutality. Tracks like “Congratulations!”, “Tearjerker”, and “Ballast” are unforgiving in their execution. The songs pummel the listener into oblivion, and don’t stop until they decide it’s time. Live shows for EYES must be a fight for your life, delivering the same energy live that they do on their recordings. 

EYES outdid themselves on Congratulations. They harnessed a hardcore style that delivers such an impressive shockwave to the listener. Every track is as brutal as the last, creating a constant loop of hardcore goodness to take your rage out with. As unforgiving and catastrophic as this album is, it’s a really good one, and you should listen to it as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out Congratulations when it drops on February 3, via Indisciplinarian.

Check it out here.

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