Album Review: Falloch – “This Island, Our Funeral”

This Island, Our Funeral

Falloch is a post-metal band from Scotland, and this is their second album. Front to back, This Island, Our Funeral is a very standard post-metal album – reverberant and jangly guitars mixed with distorted ones, long instrumental passages, heavy reverb on the vocals, and a strong sense of melody. Falloch opt to use clean vocals, and their vocalist has a solid voice, but is often far too overdramatic in contrast with the guitars.

Normally I try to find a few positive things to say about a band even if their album isn’t very good. Falloch’s vocalist’s talent, from an objective standpoint, in addition to maybe their clean guitar tone, is about all I can find. Musically, Falloch sound a bit like sludgy post-metal band Light Bearer’s clean side, but lack pretty much everything that makes Light Bearer or other bands unique: Falloch’s songs are pretty flat (aside from vocals) despite obvious attempts at building to something and lack solid hooks. None of the tracks go anywhere, they just kind of meander around for far too long, wallowing in melancholy. “Brahan” even has a clean portion that sounds like the end of “Matriarch” off of Light Bearer’s 2013 release Silver Tongue, with a similar slow guitar passage and the distant screaming. Their dirty guitar tone sounds like a more sterile version of Light Bearer’s too. This is most surely a coincidence but serves as a good comparison to describe Falloch’s sound. If Falloch reexamined their songwriting process and added more variation to the vocals, they could definitely put out some good post-metal material, but as it stands nothing they’ve done succeeds at holding the interest of the listener.

After two albums of mediocre material, perhaps a more fitting title would have been “This Album, Our Funeral.” This Island, Our Funeral’s strongest song is “For Life.” (Jacob Katsiaficas)

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