Album Review: Fiddlehead – Death Is Nothing To Us


Fiddlehead are back with another caustic post hardcore album, Death Is Nothing To Us, that will rip you in two and spit you back out. A burst of emotion is unleashed on this album, while a macabre feeling hangs overhead. This album is dark and brooding, and it may be the best that fiddlehead has ever sounded, overtaking and conquering the listener through the sheer rawness of every tone.

The production on Death Is Nothing To Us is nothing short of stellar, incorporating a brightness over the feeling of destitution that’s apparent through every song. Fiddlehead do a great job at blending juxtaposing feelings together and pouring them all out track after track, offering clean tones and cleansing instrumentals that help guide Patrick Flynn’s distraught, and often frantic, vocals.

Themes of death are apparent on Death Is Nothing To Us. Diving deeper, the lyrics outline drug addiction, depression, loss of love, and loss of life, among others. Songs like “True Hardcore (II)” and “Sleepyhead” hone in on all those themes, driving home the quiet desperation that comes with them. Biting instrumentals backup the lyrics and vocals to create songs that try to dig deeper into the human condition.

Fiddlehead could not have closed Death Is Nothing To Us on a better song. “Going To Die” ends the album in such a great way. It’s not as hard-hitting, explosive, or macabre as other songs on the album, but it is a perfect bookend to this great album. It fits just right, incorporating the theme of death, but adding a positive spin on it, promising that everyone that has left this plane of existence will be seen again one day. It’s weirdly heart-warming despite the clear desperation that hangs throughout the song, making that promise into a frenzied hope.

Death Is Nothing To Us is a fantastic listen, combining elements of post-hardcore and punk, sounding somewhere between Quicksand and Hot Water Music. Every track is an experience, having the band pour their souls out in front of you. Fiddlehead have outdone themselves on this album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, let this be your reason to do so.

Be sure to check out Death Is Nothing To Us, out now via Run For Cover Records.

Check it out here.

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