Album Review: G2P – “G2P EP”


G2P, an alternative rock band based in Tampa, Florida has released their debut six song EP. This trio is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Nathaniel Shepherd, bassist Matt Mallory and drummer Sterling Siegfried.

The EP kicks things off strong with “Purge,” which starts off slow then the background instruments kick in and add a heavy sound to the song. “Walk Away” starts off strong, and continues that way throughout the entire song, making for a great start to the EP “Animals” is a little slower, but keeps the interest level high. “Me” is a little bit different than the other songs, with a funky / reggae type beat that really works well. “Scream” is a fast-paced track that really rocks hard and will get the head banging. “Rain” has a nice funky feel to it and was a definite highlight on this all too short collection of songs.

With great playing, smooth vocals and a nice mix of styles, this is an EP that will get repeat playing around my house and yours too, so go out and grab this one. This is a great taste of the skills that these three guys have and hopefully they can find the fans to go onto bigger things. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase G2P here.

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