Album Review: Great Cynics – “I Feel Weird”

Great Cynics
I Feel Weird
(Lame-O Records)

Great Cynics is a punk band from England who is known for writing bright and cheery anthems. They may be colored with hints of life’s problems, but there is always an optimistic streak in the group’s tunes. Great Cynics first two albums contained fantastic batches of folky punk rock, perfect for any Summertime activity. They were also extremely short songs, which may have added to the charm. On its third release, it seems like the band is starting to experience diminishing returns.

I Feel Weird does feel weird because it’s more fleshed out and even more cheery-sounding than past releases; however, it feels oddly off. It’s not as catchy, happy, or fun as the Great Cynics most have come to know and appreciate. It’s as if growing up has hardened the band somewhat, even musically, to the point where they aren’t the same they used to be, moreso a reasonable facsimile. Sure, these are enjoyable punk ditties, but this lacking quality permeates I Feel Weird, creating a dulled experience. (Nicholas Senior)

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