Album Review: Haste The Day – “Coward”

Haste The Day
(Solid State Records)

After a three year hiatus, Haste The Day started performing shows together again last year, and now they have returned with their first official release since 2010’s Attack of the Wolf King. Fans should be happy to hear that Coward features vocal contributions from both Haste The Day singers Jimmy Ryan and Stephen Keech for the first time ever on the same album. For the most part, Coward follows the standard formula for a metalcore record, but the majority of the songs manage to get the job done. Tracks like “Begin,” “Take,” and “Lost” all get the blood flowing, while “Reconcile” and “Gnaw” reach damn-near epic proportions. Like any Haste The Day album, this won’t appeal to everyone; but those who have been waiting for these guys to release new music should be able to appreciate it. (Jesse Striewski)

Purchase Coward here.

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