Album Review: Haywire – Conditioned for Demolition


Haywire are the brainchild of Austin Sparkman, member of/ex-member of Buried Dreams, Conservative Military Image, Rude Awakening, Skinhead, The Chisel, and Yellow Stitches.

Haywire’s debut is a stripped down, straight-up hardcore record. Conditioned for Demolition is comprised of 11 blunt songs, lyrically and musically. No track exceeds two-and-a half minutes. Want top-notch guest features? Here, Haywire provide platforms for COA, Bryan DBD, Adam of CMI, and Chubby Charles of Chubby and The Gang to join in the venting.

And vent they do. Heavy two-step jams run through this record. Now, despite the extensive hometown reppin’, they do remind me of short, fast LA hardcore Internal Affairs and Piece By Piece. Obviously, Austin’s other bands come into play, Yellow Stitches and RA particularly. Then add some Rival Mob and Think I Care. Conditioned for Demolition is out and up for preorder on DAZE Records.

Watch the video for “Is What It Is, Ain’t What It Ain’t” featuring Bryan DBD, and you will see what to expect: fists, feet, and fun. The attitude is visceral. It does end with the nonambiguous “Boston Hardcore, Fuck You!!!” Now, on discogs and Spotify, they are listed as Haywire 617. But on the record and social media, simply Haywire. Drop the needle and you will not need the superfluous area code. The Boston is palpable. Hate and anger in the vocals: tough and chunky riffs; pounding drums. Boston name drops are even in the title of three song titles or in thesong.

“Get to Steppin” is probably my favorite track; some quick thrash riffs halfway through add some dynamic to stand out from the pack. The upswing of “Boston Boot Boys” hits hard, too. Anyone in camo pants and Docs will parade in the pit triumphantly. Speaking of keeping it local, Chris Cesarini (Street Power, CMI, Back Of Tha Neck) did pre-production and vocals at Old Salt Studios in Fairhaven, MA. Drums and guitars were recorded with Will Hirst at Gate 4 Studios in Western Mass. The record was mixed by Trevor Vaughn (MA Glory, label; The Colosseum, studio; Wound Man, Brother, and a litany of other bands) at the Meat Market in New Bedford, MA.

These local Massachusetts’ elements all bleed into each track. The production is raw, especially the drums. But they have depth. The sound is guitar and vocals forward. Conditioned for Demolition punches and pummels. You will want to break shit. This is a fantastic BHC record. RIP Jimmy Flynn.

CREAM, 150
BLACK, 250

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