Album Review: Heart Attack Man – Freak Of Nature


The underdogs in Heart Attack Man are coming in hot and angry on their new album Freak Of Nature. The pop punk band delivers a seething package that’s exploding with energy, pop songwriting with a punk edge, and caustic, sometimes humorous lyrics. Anthemic choruses mix with pop sensibilities to create one hell of an album, and one I think will make Heart Attack Man a household name.

Balancing in between pop and punk, Freak Of Nature features songs that encompass the pop writing of today while still holding onto the roots of what inspired Heart Attack Man to make music. Songs like “Like A Kennedy” and “Stick Up” are great songs, crafting a verse that hooks people in and explodes during the catchy choruses, lending way to singalongs and push pits at live shows.

More punk oriented songs like the title track “Freak Of Nature” and “On Your Bedside” deliver a more straightforward approach to punk songwriting. Keeping the anthemic choruses, the music has an anger to it, while the lyrics are a confession of what has been on vocalist Eric Egan’s chest. Power chords mixed with vicious drumming and powerful vocals guide the listener through, and create some awesome songs.

I have had the song “C4” on repeat, exhausting it until I was ready to listen again. Delivering an energy similar to Green Day’s “Having a Blast”, the track is a symbolic “fuck you” in the middle of Freak Of Nature. Fast, aggressive, and filled with bile, “C4” is an anthem that refuses to back down. It is structured perfectly, and creates a fantastic track. If you’re going to check out any song on this album, let it be this one.

Freak Of Nature walks the line between caustic punk and fun pop, as Heart Attack Man joins the ranks of bands like Magnolia Park and Meet Me @ The Altar as the new faces of pop punk. Freak Of Nature is going to show the masses Heart Attack Man and how talented they are. Do yourself a favor, and give it a listen. You don’t want to miss this.

Be sure to check out Freak Of Nature when it drops on May 26, via Evil Doer!

Check it out here.

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