Album Review: Heaving Earth – “Denouncing The Holy Throne”

Heaving Earth
Denouncing The Holy Throne
(Lavadome Productions)

The Czech monstrosity known as Heaving Earth are back and with another technical death metal release that is literally so damn technical, you’ll start to wonder if they’re androids. Not only does the record absolutely rip your face off, but it does it with such an unexpected finesse in the leads section that your head will be spinning. These guys exercise roughly about twelve to thirty structural changes per song, while the thick gravel on the vocal end and the constantly pummeling drums threaten to cave in the listener’s ear drums like a battering ram to a barricade. It’s obvious that the band have greatly matured on this release as it sounds much less like their Morbid Angel inspired material of earlier and seems to go far out into the very depths of space. There are slowdowns in the performance so as not to make the album sound bland, and I’m just as appreciative of slower cuts like “Worms Of Rusted Congregation” and “Jesus Died” as I am “Doomed Before Inception” and “The Final Crowning.” Admittedly, the subject manner seems a little weak and overplayed as it seems to echo the lyrical matter of every Deicide record ever recorded, but if we put aside the lyrics and the concept and instead focus on the album as a whole, then this is one of the most over the top instances of Christ bashing that you’re going to hear this year. Interestingly enough, even the short instrumental pieces are well worth hearing as arguably some of the band’s best and most oblong leads have wound up on these mostly guitar driven sections. Usually I would cast these aside, but due to what I’ve heard in this case, I simply cannot do so. Without question, this is easily one of Heaving Earth’s best releases and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it for a long time to come. While not all the songs hit, nearly all of them do manage to deliver a proficient performance that sounds like it came from talented and skilled musicians who have painstakingly worked very hard to create such an experience, rather than selling their souls to the devil (as some religionists might have you believe). But if only it were that easy, right? At any rate, definitely get your hands on this melodic and technical beast, because it’ll not only bash your brains out; it’ll do it in a truly artistic manner, like that of Pablo Picasso with a sledgehammer. (Eric May)

Purchase Denouncing The Holy Throne here.

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