Album Review: Hinder – “When The Smoke Clears”

When The Smoke Clears
(The End)

After a hiatus and 2 quick stints with new singers, it looks like Oklahoma radio rock staples Hinder have finally found one worth keeping around (i.e. Marshal Dutton of Faktion). Musically, this isn’t far off from the band’s chart topping formula of anthemic, post-grunge with sing-a-long moments that are both hard hitting and sensitive. The guitar and bass work here is strong, one of the strengths the band have played off of consistently since their inception in 2001, and while Dutton’s voice isn’t quite as distinct as Hinder’s former long term frontman, it suits the harder songs well and the softer moments even better. With song titles like “Intoxicated” and “Need Another Drink”, it’s pretty clear Hinder have found their demographic as these blue collar songs are tailor fit to the working class crowd who want some feeling in their rock. (Tom Haugen)

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