Album Review: Illumishade – Another Side of You


Swiss metal band, Illumishade, are releasing their second album, Another Side of You on February 16. This will be their first album with Napalm Records. It has 14 tracks and it has one hour and one minute of play time.

As I was listening to this album I fell in love with it, from the euphoric sounds to the melodic tones to the instruments. I felt as if it had a Nightwish meets Within Temptation sound. There were many different parts that stood out to me as quite interesting. These elements are what made me pick my favorite tracks off of the album.

My favorite would ought to be “Cloudreader.” This is my favorite because of the beginning of the song. When it starts it has a pop-metal sound that isn’t what you’d expect from this album. I really liked it because it demonstrated that Illumishade aren’t afraid to experiment with other genres. I equally enjoyed “Fairytale” and “Hummingbird.” The way that the lyrics in “Fairytale” were so profound and how it was produced in the style of a ballad, made me pick it within the top three. I don’t think it wouldn’t have came across the same way had it been done in the style, majority of the album was done in. “Hummingbird” has a soothing sound and out of all of the tracks, I consider it to be the most calming. It had quite a bit of piano. Besides “Verliebt,” it’d ought to be the song with the most piano. One thing I found quite interesting was that it focused so much on the aspect of other sounds that guitars and drums didn’t enter until the 2:30 marker. After the introduction of guitars and drums, there are a lot of crescendos and decrescendos within the track. 

Another Side of You Tracklisting:
1.    Enter the Void   
2.    ELEGY
3.    ENEMY
4.    In the Darkness
5.    Cloudreader
6.    Here We Are
8.    Fairytale
9.    The Horizon Awaits
10.   HYMN
11.   TWILY
12.   Riptide
13.   Hummingbird
14.   Verliebt (feat. Coen Janssen)

Illumishade Tour Dates:
Album Release Shows:
August 3: Zurich/Dynamo, Switzerland
September 3: Lausanne/Docks, Switzerland

North America Tour:
April 8: Reading, PA, United States of America
April 9: New York City, NY, United States of America
April 10: Boston, MA, United States of America
April 11: Montreal, QC, Canada
April 12: Ottawa, ON, Canada
April 13: Toronto, ON, Canada
April 14: Pontiac, MI, United States of America
April 15: Milwaukee, WI, United States of America
April 17: Minneapolis, MN, United States of America
April 18: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
April 19: Regina,  SK, Canada
April 20: Edmonton, AB, Canada
April 21: Calgary, AB, Canada
April 23: Vancouver, BC, Canada
April 24: Seattle, WA, United States of America
April 25: Portland, OR, United States of America
April 26: San Francisco, CA, United States of America
April 27: Los Angeles, CA, United States of America
April 28: San Diego, CA, United States of America
April 29: Phoenix, AZ, United States of America
May 1: Phoenix, AZ, United States of America
May 2: Denver, CO, United States of America
May 3: Joliet, IL, United States of America
May 4: Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America
May 5: Baltimore, MD, United States of America

Europe Tour:
September 19: Vienna, Austria @ Szene
September 20: Budapest, Hungary @ Barba Negra
September 24: Warsaw, Poland @ Hydrozagadka
September 25: Berlin, Germany @ Frannz
September 26: Hamburg, Germany @ Markthalle
September 27: Leipzig, Germany @ Hellraiser
September 28: Essen, Germany @ Turock
October 1: Haarlem, Netherlands @ Patronaat
October 2: Tilburg, Netherlands @ O13
October 3: Kortrijk, Belgium @ DVG Club
October 4: London, United Kingdom @ The Underworld
October 5: Manchester, United Kingdom @ Rebellion
October 7: Bristol, United Kingdom @ Exchange
October 9: Lyon, France @ La Rayonne
October 10: Toulouse, France @ Metronum
October 11: Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Boveda
October 12: Madrid, Spain @ Sala Revi Live
October 13: Lisbon, Portugal @ RCA Club
October 14: Vitoria, Spain @ Urban Rock Concept
October 15: Paris, France @ Petit Bain
October 16: Munich, Germany @ Backstage Halle
October 17: Pratteln, Switzerland @ Z7
October 18: Wil, Switzerland @ Gare de Lion
October 19: Milan, Italy @ Legend Club
October 21: Nürnberg, Germany @ Hirsch
October 22: Cham, Germany @ L.A.
October 23: Stuttgart, Germany @ Im Wizemann
October 24: Wörgl, Austria @ Komma
October 25: Treviso, Italy @ New Age
October 26: Graz, Austra @ PPC

May 31: Pilsen, Czechia @ Metalfest Open Air
June 13: Zamora, Spain @ Z! Live Rock Fest
June 14: São Pedro Do Sul @ Belavista Open Air

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