Album Review: Invincible Force – “Satan Rebellion Metal”

Invincible Force
Satan Rebellion Metal
(Dark Descent Records)

The word “unrelenting” is overused in metal reviews; but, for Christ’s Sake, it is apropos. Invincible Force – and specifically their drummer – pushes forward like a Blitzkrieg wrapped in a typhoon on uncut coke. These Chilean marauders pull no punches with their record, Satan Rebellion Metal. The album is incinerating thrash employing mesmerizing speed with equal parts Death Metal and Black Metal. The guitar work is exceptional with superbly tight riffing and low, pounding bass rhythms. The atmosphere and lyrics dwell in each circle of Hell, beckoning for a plague upon Christianity.

The imagery of the album, Mark Riddick’s cover, is a stark image dedicated to Luciferan splendor; a winged demon in a pit of snakes and skulls. With their sped-up formula, Invincible Force waste no time on indulgence or self-admiration. Each track is around three minutes. IF execute brutal thrash without adding audacious frills. “Onwards to War” has a killer dive-bomb which moves into a heavier churning riff that boulders through the speakers. “Bunker of Armageddon” follows with an Adderal driven double-bass while each of the other instruments kick a bobbing, mid-pace tempo. This dichotomy stands out but is as resonant as the other sections of this dynamic track. Time change – always my favorite part of hardcore, punk, thrash, grind, death – is a smartly utilized weapon on SRM. The biggest attribute on this song is the dive bomb into a short solo. This quick move stands out because IF, on most tracks, do not meander into technically boastful solos committed for the sake self-adoration. And to be honest, solos are my least favorite part of metal. In no way does this detract from Invincible Force’s shredding or spirit or credibility. IF are here to decimate with speed and atmospheric, ominous riffs.

Eight demonic tracks are delivered in twenty four minutes. “Praise” has a tremendous thrash swing to the main riff. The drums pummel in syncopated attacks, never letting up or uh, relenting. The blueprint is thrash; but this version is delivered in a twisted, darker version than traditional Bay Area. The music reflects more of an influence from Kreator and Destruction. I can hear mid-80s Hirax, but with cleaner tighter riffs.. Except there are no falsettos; that fact hits me right in the heart, not being a high-pitch fan. “Desolation” has an incredible intro that gallops and gets you excited before a double time, cymbal riding bridge. Comparisons are more directed toward Possessed’s classic Seven Churches than Death Angel or Testament. If you are still looking for familiar relatives, the South American connection points to the dark, sinister sounds of Brazil’s Sarcofago.

Invincible Force does not re-write the book on metal. They are not reimagining genres or pushing technical boundaries; a la Entombed or At The Gates or Gojira or Psycroptic. What Invincible Force does accomplish is committing to their unique blend of thrash/death/black metal and deliver the grittiest metal at supersonic speed without repetition. They discard ego-masturbation and offer a cold, thick album in which Satan will revel. I challenge you to find one note on Satan Rebellion Metal you would alter or improve. (Hutch)

RIYL: Atomicide, Abominator, Destroyer 666, Desester, Slaughter Messiah, Slutvomit, Nekrofilth, Nepente

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