Album Review: Iron Lamb – “Fool’s Gold”

Iron Lamb
Fool’s Gold
(High Roller Records)

The brand new album from Swedish rockers Iron Lamb should remind you heavily of someone and in particular, someone very English. If you can’t tell from the very first cut “One Way Track” that this band isn’t heavily inspired by Motorhead, then you clearly need to go back to metal elementary. Just about every song on the record seems influenced by early to mid-era Motorhead and feels like a lighter regurgitation of Orgasmatron, Ace Of Spades and even 1916. But there’s more to it than just that, as somehow or another a gothic element reached its way into the band and that’s apparently how the Lacrimas Profundere influenced “Leave Me Be” came to fruition. It does seem like a little bit of a sore thumb on the record though, as it made me wonder whether or not Fool’s Gold was a cover album of sorts. But that appears not to be the case as a familiar touch of rock and mixes in well with the obvious thrash nature of the aforementioned. Other than the odd gothic and slightly sullen tune, there’s really nothing here that really shies away from the Motorhead formula. But if you’re looking for a band with enough potential to see them rising above a mere Motorhead clone, then give Fool’s Gold a shot. Within the disc lie enough glimpses of originality to see them barreling through the notorious cover band territory as they build into something truly noteworthy. I’d certainly like to hear more of a mix between the goth of “Leave Me Be” and the Motorhead style that they’ve adapted and utilized on several of their earlier efforts. Combining the two would give us an essential “gothic Motorhead” which no one has ever heard before and it could prove quite interesting. They have enough muscle to do Motorhead justice, but apparently not enough talent to go beyond their record collection. (Eric May)

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