Album Review: ISSA – “Crossfire”

(Frontiers SRL)

ISSA’s melodic and powerful rock can be categorized as peachy, soft, and shiny with an edge. The Norwegian singer is sweet, but passion gives this rocker a boost. Crossfire grew on me with a few listens. All of the songs are really genuine cool hard rockers. I’m happy with “Electric Lights.” It’s kind of a throw back to old school 80s rock, but it has a touch of Cascada as well to give it some modern flavor. “We Rise” is a nice, sappy uplifting tune with a lot of heart behind it to get you up in the morning. There are some good solos on this album too, and “We Rise” has one of them worth mentioning. ISSA is also an incredibly talented, and versatile singer. Her range and authenticity really makesCrossfire a worthwhile album. A lot of rockers from bands I have never heard of stopped by the studio to throw down with ISSA on tracks for Crossfire as well. Despite the fact that I have no idea who Xorgin, Degreed, or Hardline are they obviously brought a lot of talent to the album. James Martin should also be respected for his talented contribution on the keyboards. (Metal Nick)

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