Album Review: Jeromes Dream – The Gray In Between


After a brief career followed by a long hiatus, the hardcore outfit Jeromes Dream is back with their newest release The Gray In Between. Throwing the noisiest hardcore energy they could muster into a 10-song package, Jeromes Dream is coming back in style and kicking down the door to get in. The Gray In Between is a fantastic display of hardcore, unleashing a fury of anger that creates a wake of destruction.

Every track on The Gray In Between is filled with blistering guitars, destructive drumming, and blood-curdling screams that balance on the verge of mania and art. The production only helps the album. It sounds flawless while maintaining that edge that hardcore is known for. It is a force to be reckoned with, giving the listeners exactly what they want: a hard-hitting hardcore album that will not let up.

Opening on “Conversations: In Time, On Mute,” Jeromes Dream wastes no time showcasing their violent brand of hardcore. Guitar feedback, vicious screams, and ear-shattering drumming is present, delivering a feeling of dread and paranoia right off the jump. “Conversations: In Time, On Mute” is a perfect way to start the album, showing exactly what to expect from The Gray In Between.

Explosive in their approach, Jeromes Dream refuses to hold back on these tracks. Songs like “South by Isolation” and “AAEEAA” are pummeling, showcasing great songwriting and musicianship in a short span. These songs clearly demonstrate how Jeromes Dream just goes for it, paving the way for their expression to run free through the music they create.

The Gray In Between offers a beauty behind all of the brunt force. It is an artistic display of anger and frustration that Jeromes Dream executes with precision and confidence. Fueled by a force outside of their control, the album is a rush of energy that will get you moving and throwing bows. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album, it’s fantastic.

Be sure to check out The Gray In Between, out now on Iodine Recordings!

Check it out here.

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