Album Review: Katie Kim – Hour Of The Ox


Katie Kim is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has returned with her sixth full-length album Hour Of The Ox.

The record showcases a dark yet blaring presence, and Kim’s vocals gracefully dance through speakers.

The record’s introduction track, “Mona” embraces a spacious sounds that feels secluded in its own form. The track vibrates over stand-out dark pop music making for a stagnant feeling among listeners.

“Eraser” trickles in, highlighting a sense of diversity. Kim’s vocals are gentle yet bold. The song’s format delivers a longing-feeling among layered harmonies.

Other tracks such as “Gentle Bird” play with a serene sound that hones in on a feeling of security for fans to lean into.

As listeners make their way down the record, they’ll find, “Golden Circles,” a song that highlight Kim’s creativity making for an attention grabbing song.

The record closes out on “Really Far,” on which Kim regains a catchy-element that unleashes a cinematic feeling, making for a vibrant way to finish out the record.

Hour Of The Ox presents an array of tracks that delve into many aspects of Kim’s song writing, providing an exploitive journey for new and old fans alike.

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