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Kill The Thrill, a French industrial metal band, have returned with their fifth album, Autophagie. This musical composition is both captivating and uplifting. Kill the Thrill were formed in 1989 and got started right before the experimental industrial wave of the early 1990s. The group reunited and released this timeless masterpiece, signifying their longevity in the music industry, since 2015. A more than captivating return to their original sound can be heard on their most recent album Autophagie .

Together with bandmates Francious Rossie (drums) and Marylin Tognolli (bass), Nicolas Dick, the engineer and lead vocalist, explored the eerie album during its recording at Le Puits Sonore Studio. Even though the album is entirely in French, language learners will be able to enjoy the richness of the melodies and how the music penetrates right into the words.

The group released its debut album, Dig, in 1993. It was followed by an EP, Pit, on the labels Noise Product CH and Semetary. The musicians were experienced in using samples and playing with sound blocks.

The trio became a duo in 1996 when Nicolas Dick recorded, mixed, and produced their second album, Low. Artist ErikM added the soundtracks that each group title is framed by during the interludes. The record was praised by the media for finding the perfect balance between melody and distortion. Tellurique and 203 Barriers, two more albums, demonstrated the band’s ability to maintain a strong musical foundation despite lineup changes.

The band have been able to pursue an international career thanks to their unique sound, which combines orchestrated soundscapes with atmospheric obliteration. The album opens with the melancholic yet gentle tune “Tout via bein se Terminer,” which translates to “Everything Will End Well.” This serves as a solid preamble to the explosive next track, “A La de’rive,” which switches between a grungy and hypnotic flow of angst.

This musical journey is a manifestation of metal’s progression and ability to merge different sounds, and emotions. The record has unexpected moments thanks to layers of vocal and instrumental alterations.

In “Capitan,” Kill The Thrill’s ominous riffs and menacing rasps are a fitting representation of their enigmatic vision. This nearly 10-minute song has a dark, lyrical opus with a seductive flow, building drumbeats, and gut-wrenching vocals. “Les Enfants Brulent” is an incredibly seductive delivery of elemental fusions and enigmatic themes.

Dick and bassist Marylin Tognolli expressed about the track:

“Capitan’ is an inhabited vessel, engulfed by reality, on its way to its own shipwreck. It is not a shipwreck conceived as divine punishment, but as an almost beneficent fate for what finds no place in the company of men. The cycle swallows everything and spits it out, the simulacra, the organic, and the inert. The clip was edited as a narrative, with each image forming part of the allegory. An allegory of earthly and temporary paradises.”

This is a powerful and intense journey. The band’s ability to blend the genres and appeal to even those who cannot speak the French language is beyond profound.


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