Album Review: Kruger – “Adam and Steve”

Adam and Steve
(Listenable Records )

It’s always enjoyable to “discover” a band who has been in existence for a while. Adam and Steve is this Swiss band’s fifth release, and if this tongue-in-cheek album is any indication (hint: upon further review, it is), Kruger is definitely on to something. Interestingly, the band offers up a rather original take on modern metal. At its base, the band’s sound tow’s the line between  noise rock and post-hardcore. However, there are also some prog, early-era metalcore, and sludge tendencies. Imagine if The Ocean and Converge had a metal baby, who also grew up with uncle Gojira. So, understandably, Kruger offers up something quite tasty for fans of heavy music.

The ultimate question is if this gratifying low end urgency is enough to sustain listeners over the course of the album? Unfortunately, the answer lies about halfway through the album, when the insufficient amount of melody really drags down what is otherwise an enjoyable listen. It’s not that Adam and Steve completely lacks melody; “Discotheque” is undeniably catchy, as are quite a few of these songs. However, during the album’s run-time, songs can blend together and feel underwhelming in succession. There isn’t enough to give this release that lasting power. That said, for those looking for some driving noise rock, Kruger is happy to deliver. (Nicholas Senior)

Purchase Adam and Steve here.

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