Album Review: Krum Bums – “Smoke”

Krum Bums
(Jailhouse Records)

Soap up your liberty spikes, get out the leather, chains, and bondage gear… it’s time for the throwback punk blast from Krum Bums. These Austin, TX old school punks haven’t changed for the times and thank dog that they haven’t, just pounding drums, gang vocals, and pure punk rock goodness.

Four blasts of kick-ass music that are as meaty as the BBQ served in Texas, but more delicious, and fulfilling. Tight playing, pissed off vocals, and a true love for what they do have made this band reliable and a source of great music for many years and hopefully many more.

A real teaser with four quick blasts of energetic punk that will have the gang starting a pit and hitting replay over and over again. This is a definite purchase, so go out and grab it right away. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Smoke here.

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