Album Review: Leather – We Are the Chosen


Get ready for some heavy metal with Leather’s new album We Are the Chosen. Fronted by metal veteran Leather Leone, this album is a callback to that old-school heavy metal feel with fast, chugging guitars; killer riffs, machine gun drums; and Leather Leone’s passionate vocals. You won’t want to miss this album.

The first thing that We Are the Chosen gets right is the vocals. Leather Leone’s ability on the microphone is ridiculous. It is obvious her inspiration comes from bands like Iron Maiden and Rainbow. That is probably the strongest aspect of this album, right in front of the instruments that bleed mastery. Every song is a showcase of the band’s ability to craft great metal songs, and god damn, does it work well.

Opening on “We Take Back Control,” a guitar takes the lead before the rest of the band jumps in. The drums on this song are incredible. What they lack in innovation, they make up for in pure energy. Double bass takes over, leading the song in order to charge ahead. Once the vocals kick in, the gloves are off. This is a decimating song, and a perfect opener for We Are the Chosen.

There is no shortage of metal riffs on We Are the Chosen. Tracks like “Off with Your Head,” “Tyrants,” and “Dark Days” are just a few examples from the 10-song album that will have metalheads headbanging along to each chord progression. Every song is ripe with fantastic instrumentals that from time to time manage to steal the limelight from Leone’s vocal range.

Leather puts on a hell of a show on We Are the Chosen. Each track is a force to be reckoned with. The only downside to this album is the lyrics. They can be very generic and don’t always move the needle too much in terms of metal lyrics. But, when each track is a kick-ass listen, it’s easy to forget about that aspect and listen to the great tunes that are being pumped into your ears.

Be sure to check out We Are the Chosen, out now via SPV/Steamhammer.

Check it out here!

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