Album Review: Lemuria / Mitch Clem – “Turnstile Comix #3”

Lemuria / Mitch Clem
Turnstile Comix #3
(Silver Sprocket)

I pretty much lump Lemuria into a category of bands like Jawbreaker, Garden Variety or The Promise Ring, i.e. bands that never wrote a bad song. Sure, some songs are better than others, but none ever resembled anything nearing mediocre. On this colored slab of 7” vinyl, Lemuria turn in 2 songs of their cute indie-rock, where both genders sing and melodies float above a raw yet inviting recording. Additionally, the record comes with a download code containing another song, and guess what, that one rocks in a humble indie-pop sort of vein, too. Mitch Clem contributes the artwork here and a lengthy true story of Lemuria’s tour of Russia, rounding out a fantastic package. This is the sort of release that will sit on a shelf at collector prices someday. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase Turnstile Comix #3 here.

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