Album review: Loving – Any Light


Since their debut in 2016, mellow indie-folk rock band Loving have put out a sonically illustrative anthology, and their latest album, Any Light, is no exception.

Any Light is the sophomore album for the British Columbia-based multi-instrumentalist duo Jesse Henderson and David Parry. Following their debut album, If I Am Only My Thoughts, this latest LP marks a new level in evolution for Loving, creating an instrumentally forward collection that slowly slips listeners into their folksy realm.

Any Light is a meticulously detailed, 10-track LP that pairs hazy and iridescent instrumentals with intricate and delicate lyricism. Drawing inspiration from the throws of spontaneity, the discovery of old poems, and psychedelic experiences, the album brings forward the best of Henderson and Parry’s talents into one dreamy indie-folk compilation. Listening to this album feels like falling into a daydream.

Any Light opens with the instrumental, moody title track “Any Light.” The first two-thirds of the song is a dialog between instruments, with prose falling in for the final minute: “I’ve been waiting so long/ How I had it all wrong/ Never have I seen you/ With open eyes/ With any light /Any light / Now that I see you/ I can renew/ My love/ My love.”

“Medicine” takes a more lyrical approach with a melodically mesmerizing and lighthearted track. “To Turn” is easily a favorite of the album. Beginning with an acoustic swing and poetic prose, the track hooks you until the last note. Many other tracks do the same, like “On My Way To You” with its slow-burn verses.

The album ends with “Blue,” a softer and darker track. While only composed of a couple of stanzas of lyrics, they stick, with Henderson’s voice trailing off the album with the lines “Oh so blue/ Oh so blue/ The eyes I’ve made a practice/ Staring into.”

Any Light feels like Loving’s most comprehensive album to date. A beautiful delicacy is threaded through each track, carrying a synergy through the whole album. Henderson and Parry took an experimentalist turn with this release, building an illustrative and poetic album stronger than anything we’ve seen from them before.  

You can listen to Any Light here.

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