Album Review: Senses Fail / Man Overboard – Split 7″

Senses Fail / Man Overboard
Split 7”
(Pure Noise Records / Rise Records)

7” releases are generally valuable trinkets to die hard fans, so being a follower of both Man Overboard and Senses Fail, this split was a definite no-brainer (especially considering that each band covers a song of the other).

Man Overboard tackles (surprisingly enough) “Cute When You Scream” (Let It Enfold You, 2004), while Senses Fail takes on “Real Talk” (Real Talk, 2010), and both results are entertaining. “Cute When You Scream” just about sounds like the original; it could even be mistaken as a live recording of its creators. As for “Real Talk,” Senses Fail have added a hardcore flare to the formula that, interestingly, gives the song a Balance & Composure vibe.

Each band has also included a new song for the split. Man Overboard’s “One Fixed Point” sounds classic for the band (as it should, considering the song is actually really old and previously unreleased); and Senses Fail’s “All You Need Is Already Within You” carries on the hardcore fury realized by the band during Renacer, while taking things higher with its awesome, group-vocalized finale.

A split 7” between Man Overboard and Senses Fail may sound odd on paper, but (as it turns out) the bands work rather well together. At the very least, it would certainly be interesting to hear the guys cover one another again down the road. Maybe even bring in Bayside next time around (with whom they will be touring from March 5th to April 4th). (Nathaniel Lay)

Purchase the split 7″ here: iTunes | Physical

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