Album Review: Meek Is Murder – “Onward/Into the Sun”

Meek Is Murder
Onward/Into the Sun
(Rising Pulse Records)

Brooklyn riff mongers Meek Is Murder is one of those names that always comes up when people discuss great hardcore, even if they’re constantly on the cusp of greatness. With one listen to its latest double EP release, Onward/Into the Sun, it’s very easy to see why. Meek Is Murder has a very familiar sound: imagine Norma Jean if they were more abrasive or Converge if they were a little more focused. It’s a pummeling sound that makes you want to start a pit in your office/home/bus/car. Fortunately for my co-workers, I’ve been able to reel it in here at the office. That said, the FDA recommends that you listen to Meek Is Murder in an enclosed space or at the gym, lest you harm yourself or others.

The band’s sound is on full display with this double EP: Fast and furious metalcore with bouts of feedback-laced aggression. It’s not a new take on the genre, nor does it have to be. Meek Is Murder do the violent metalcore thing better than most, so familiar riffs or sections are mostly forgiven. Plus, the second EP, Into the Sun is an ode to Alien and Back to the Future, so plus 500 imaginary bonus points for quality references. Ultimately, this collection doesn’t quite distance itself enough from its contemporaries or influences to warrant top-tier consideration, but Meek Is Murder sure do offer up some deliciously rifftastic metalcore. You won’t mind that it’s not the most novel product on the market because you’re banging your head so often.
(Nicholas Senior)

Purchase Onward/Into the Sun here.

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