Album Review: Melted Bodies – The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1


The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1 from Melted Bodies is a breath of fresh air in the music scene, standing out from many other releases. This cacophony of sound, instruments, and ideas comes at you full force with the intensity that only Melted Bodies can provide. It’s a strange concoction of genres that works in a way it shouldn’t. Taking inspiration from bands such as The Talking Heads and System of a Down, Melted Bodies crafts something very different, yet great at the same time.

The four-songs that form The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1 are really good. At some points, the sheer intensity of what I was listening to got overwhelming. There is a lot going on in these songs. It’s music for people with ADHD. It will keep your ears on edge, and may cause a manic episode from overstimulation. There is a lot going on in these songs from the vocals to the synth.

Opening on the seven-and-a-half minute song “The Inevitable Fork”, the track seems to be the love child of Genesis and Deftones. Synthy and heavy, caught between genres and timing signatures, this is a hell of a way to open up The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1. It encompasses exactly what the EP is going to be and how it is going to sound. If you made it through this song, the next three are easy.

“Think Safe” is up next, taking clear inspiration from bands like the Talking Heads and DEVO, while still having that heavy edge, but leaning more on the synth than previously. This is probably my least liked song on the EP, yet it is still a fun listen. Following the second track is “Liars,” which is a fantastic, take-no-hostages song. The songwriting is very interesting on this track, switching between monotonous talking and screams that will pierce your ears. It’s an incredibly fun song, and if you only have time to check out one song, let it be “Liars.”

Closing out The Inevitable Fork. Vol. 1 is “Therapy.” This song has some really fun songwriting. More rhythmic than the previous tracks, the drums and synth lead this song into a death march, toppling over anything in its path, until it leaves us off at the end.

Be sure to check out The Inevitable Fork Vol. 1 when it drops on November 25, self-released by Melted Bodies themselves!

Check it out here.

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