Album Review: Miami Horror – “All Possible Futures”

Miami Horror
All Possible Futures
(Haven Sounds/Dine Alone Records)

For the uninitiated, Miami Horror isn’t based out of Florida, nor does it have any lyrical ties to a horrifying atrocity that occurred in Miami (or any other town). Instead, this is an Australian-based electronic duo that plays synth-y music that feels undeniably 80s. It’s a tad retro-futuristic, blending 80s dance with Phoenix’s love of electric pop and Prince’s flair, with a dash of disco’s fun pomp. It’s all a fun listen, undoubtedly bright and cheery despite discussing the ups and downs of relationships. At 15 songs, it’s also a surprisingly easy-going listen, showcasing Miami Horror’s appreciation for simple yet effective pop songwriting, never feeling dull or boring.

The problem with all this bright, cheery music? It’s all a bit forgettable. It mirrors its Summer-time feeling very well, in that its enjoyable and carefree while it’s playing, yet it’s rather difficult to parse out individual songs. Melodies will come to mind here and there, though from whence they came is a difficult mystery worthy of a less-than-sober Sherlock. That significant issue aside, those looking for a perfect pool or beachside party soundtrack could do so very much worse; in fact, this may be singularly suited for such an occasion. As something worthy of intent focus and emotional connection, it’s lacking, not as a source of easy entertainment. (Nicholas Senior)

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