Album Review: Michael Kane and the Morning Afters – Broke But Not Broken

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters set the tone with the first line of the album opener “Tear This World Apart.” “I’ll begin all these songs with an I don’t give a fuck start” is sung over a melancholy and laid-back piano lick. Even before the music kicks into high gear, it’s apparent that this band wrote songs for their own appeasement, regardless of others’ opinions. Fortunately for them, Broke But Not Broken is 12 anthemic rock and roll songs that are difficult not to like.

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters sound like a bunch of homegrown New England punks that discovered a love for Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty at some point in their early adulthood and successfully merged the styles with their songs. The fingerprints of Lucero, Two Cow Garage and The Gaslight Anthem are all over this album, as are Boston area punk bands from the 1990s/2000s. Find any of the following comps (this may take some digging): I’ve Got My Friends, Banned in Boston, Runt of the Litter, and it’s evident where they got their attitude and edge.

The strength in Michael Kane and the Morning Afters is the piano and keyboard playing of Joe Ferraro. While the song structures follow the typical rock and roll formula, Ferraro’s subtle playing adds a tremendous amount of depth. Never truly taking center stage, Ferraro lays down pleasing notes that make already strong songs that much better.

Michael Kane’s voice sounds like that of a raspy, wise man. It’s gravelly and would appeal to anyone that has ever gone to or wanted to attend Fest. Kane has a good range that works well whether he’s singing an upbeat rocker or belting out a ballad. He has a voice that will stick with the listener, instantly becoming recognizable and comforting.

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters flew right past the up-and-coming section. They are well on their way to becoming a household name in the world of both punk and rock ‘n’ roll. Broke But Not Broken is an earnest record with strong songwriting and an abundance of sincere hooks.

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