Album Review: Mighty Tortuga – Eternal Sunshine


The sun-drenched album cover to Mighty Tortuga’s Eternal Sunshine (which shares the title with an outstanding film, by the way) captures the exact sense of beauty and nostalgia that this EP is filled with. This record  is a burst of pure, emo gorgeousness, with strong Jimmy Eat World influence, as it harkens back to the late-90s/early-2000s when the genre was first working its way out of the underground into the mainstream.

There’s something simply sublime about the guitar part that begins the opening track, “Sunburn,” as the song swells into an emotional catharsis. “Forgive and Forget” uses some very vivid imagery in its poignant statement of longing and regret. “Free” is about a genuine wish for one’s ex to be happy with someone else, which is a surprisingly healthy and wholesome message for this genre. “Fell in Lust” is a perfect encapsulation of the doubts and paranoid and obsessive thoughts that develop when worrying whether a partner still loves you or not, making it the most easily relatable track on the album. In the end, this song goes to a healthy place with the line, “That’s not your fault, you don’t deserve that pressure,” which is a fair sentiment that isn’t always found in emo songs. Finally “Paris Green,” with special guest artist Joe Boynton of Transit and Narrowcast, leaves the listener with the kind of punch that emo is so well known for.

Emo fans will absolutely love this record for all of its majestic crescendos and earnest emotion. The vocals capture that heart-wrenching angst indicative of the genre’s classic sound. Consider it a time machine to somewhere around 1996 to 2005, when Midwestern emo was beginning to fuse with pop-punk. If that’s an era you remember fondly, you have to check out this EP.

Eternal Sunshine is available on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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