Album Review: Militarie Gun – Life Under The Sun


Introducing a band that speak for themselves is a bit tricky. Since emerging in 2020 with their debut single, “My Life Is Over,” Militarie Gun have consistently held a place in people’s conversations. I often suggest them to those unfamiliar because of their impressive musical craftsmanship. They are transitioning seamlessly from hardcore to a more indie, laid-back sound. Militarie Gun continually evolves, taking chances and exploring different avenues within their music.

Now, Militarie Gun are back with a new EP, Life Under The Sun, featuring collaborations with Bully, Mannequin Pussy, and Manchester Orchestra. While the EP doesn’t present entirely new songs, it comprises four original tracks from their stellar debut album and a cover of NOFX’sWhoops I OD’D.” Let’s dive in.

First on the list is the revamped “Never Fucked Up Once,” now titled “Never Fucked Up Twice featuring Bully, aka Alicia Bognanno. The stripped-down version of the song. Soft acoustic guitars and a gentler yet raspy voice from Ian Shelton, accompanied by Bully’s delicate vocals, give the song a fresh feel. The title change seems fitting.

Following that, we treated with acoustic renditions of “Very High” and “Will Logic,” which, to be honest, are easy on the ears. As a fan of “Very High,” I’ve been waiting for an acoustic version, and the band’s collective effort on the track adds another layer of appeal. “Will Logic” showcases finesse, though not particularly in the vocals—We’ll delve into that shortly. For now, the addition of a xylophone, with a surprise feature from Mannequin Pussy, makes the collaboration creatively engaging. The synergy between Mannequin Pussy and Militarie Gun always brings about something unique.

My Friends Are Having A Hard Time” collaborates with Manchester Orchestra. The vocals are subtly adorned with pleasant synthetics—striking a balance that adds to the overall enjoyment. Even though the tune brings some musical joy. The song’s heavy-hitting lyrics throw in a dash of melancholy, creating a seriously deep vibe. But seriously? But seriously, this track, even with Manchester Orchestra, still hits right where it needs to. Now, brace yourselves; what I’m about to express might not sit well with everyone. I genuinely find the cover of “Whoops I OD’D” exceptionally well-executed and produced. I might prefer this version to NOFX. 

Here are my thoughts to end the review: this EP is a brilliant example that IF Militarie Gun decided to explore some different genres in the future, Life Under The Sun proves they can do that. The EP is something else, but there’s also a bit more emotion in Ian Shelton’s voice this time around. I hope that they continue to explore and push their musical boundaries. They, the whole band, have done fantastic with the EP. 

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