Album Review: Miniboone – “Bad Sports”

Bad Sports
(Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

Like a more lively and paired down version of Arcade Fire weaned on old XTC and Talking Heads records, New York’s Miniboone play a pretty charming brand of danceable indie pop.

Their sophomore record, Bad Sports, is a nice step up from their 2013 debut. The four piece write catchy melodies and cram the album with infectious hooks – pairing the lyrics with sharp bursts of guitar and plenty of keyboards – but much like Vampire Weekend before them, there is something slightly smug about the songs here that keeps you from committing to them completely.

Taken as a whole, the record is pretty solid, with few weak spots (save for the out of place “Mysterious Intoxicants”), but you can’t help but get the feeling you’ve heard this all before. Bad Sports likely won’t bring the band to a mass audience, but it’s a good start. (John B. Moore)

Purchase Bad Sports here.

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