Album Review: Monsterworks – “The Existential Codex”

The Existential Codex
(Eat Lead And Die)

The most prolific band that I hope you’ve heard of by now, has just released another mesmerizing selection to add to an already mountainous musical discography. Oddly enough, this new record doesn’t actually contain a theme, even though the lyrical matter is nonetheless just as intelligent as the rest of the offerings have been and you can musically expect the same kind of experimental and progressive approach to heavy metal that you’ve always expected from Monsterworks. But just like every other album, this also offers a much different approach in that style, offering more rock and progressive elements in addition to some slight moments of modernism. It seems to touch on the classics, while keeping things still relevant to the current generation of listeners. The Existential Codex is by far the band’s most rockin’ album, and they’re not afraid to show it with the groovy intro to “Ripple Effect” and the fantastic solo section for “Engine.” The band also took a softer and more lucid approach to things with “Temple Of Distortion” a track which you will find greatly matches its title, especially in that solo section, which seems like a bit of an acid trip. I have no idea what inspired the guys this time, but all I know is that I definitely want to hear more of it. Sometimes things can feel a little sludgy, but that’s perfectly fine with all the powerful sections of prog which work to back the sludge. Perhaps the most interesting track on the record is its closer, “The Ride” which nearly tops off at fourteen minutes and manages to deliver a veritable tour-de-force of all the band’s many skills and talents over the years. It’s actually quite a darker song in tone of vocals and riff melodies, and feels eerie at times, which I can’t say that I mind. Yet there’s also a bit of a break and another wonderful showcase of powerful solo prowess sandwiched in between all of the atmosphere. Monsterworks have never truly made a bad album, nor have they ever made an experience that’s forgettable. Every single disc seems to offer a mesmerizing new interpretation of their familiar style and they never seem to disappoint. If you still haven’t discovered these wonderful musicians yet, then what are you waiting for? It’s not often that a group pumps out as many records as these guys have, without it all sounding bland and unnecessary. That’s a rare gift and my ears are more than thankful for it. Start the journey here and then work your way backwards. Monsterworks’ The Existential Codex is the very definition of forward-thinking metal. (Eric May)

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