Album Review: Moon Walker – The Attack Of Mirrors


Trust me when I tell you that Moon Walker might just be the most important alternative rock band making music today. Why lollapalooza and Riot Fest and modern rock radio haven’t picked up and invited them into their user friendly evil empire of music awesomeness, I don’t know. Their new album, The Attack Of Mirrors, is due out October 21 via self-release.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the next record they put out is from a major label.

From a sonic standpoint, if you took the better parts of ’70’s classic rock and fused it with ’90’s alt-rock, threw in a few synthesizers, and gave it the epic rock swagger of The White Stripes, you’ve got Moon Walker. It’s well-crafted pop rock with an edge and a bite. The heart and conscience of Moon Walker’s music on Attack Of Mirrors deep dives into the ever crumbling world around us without fear of reprisal for calling out the global ills that keep us sick.

The track “I’m Afraid I’ll Go To Heaven” is all about not wanting to spend eternity with those people who claim to be close to god who are instead homophobic, xenophobic, anti-abortion, anti-women or anything else that occasionally comes tied to religion and has little to do with love. Although lyrically there is somewhat of a dark tone to the vision behind the songs here, the music is anything but that. Moon Walker is a fun throwback to when MTV still cared about music and alt-rock ruled the airwaves. Check out their other single, “The Stolen City,” to prove that point.

The Attack Of Mirrors is a must buy/don’t miss for sure. It’s probably the strongest alternative rock record that’s been released in the last few years. Moon Walker’s output on this album is the better parts of pop, alternative rock, and classic rock mixed together to create something special that’s truly mesmerizing. The music is deep, hooky, and catchy as hell. The Attack Of Mirrors should end up on every rock writer’s end of 2022 “Best Of” list without a doubt.

Preorder The Attack Of Mirrors here.

Visit Moon Walker’s official website here.

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