Album Review: Myrkur – “Myrkur”

(Relapse Records)

Through a mist and fog comes the inspirational light of Myrkur. Hailing from Denmark Amalie Bruun’s female fronted project not only delivers but crushes through the standards of what one might expect in black metal culture. The Ex-Cops singer and songwriter could be as far from black metal as one might be in her other outfit, but Bruun’s self-titled EP draws the line around folk inspired black beautiful melodies. Think Emperor with a female vocalist. Most appealing is Bruun’s ability to carry a high or low pitch voice. Her agonizing screams have the same content as a really well placed melodic howl. Like a wolf crying out to a northern moon Mykur’s Amalie Bruun brings to life music as haunting as it is pretty. (Nic P)

Purchase Myrkur here.

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