Album Review: Necrowretch – Swords of Dajjal


French death metal band Necrowretch from Valence, Rhône-Alpes are at it again! Necrowretch, who are approaching their 15th year together, are set to begin the most ambitious phase of their career with the release of Swords of Dajjal, their fifth album, which has been in the works for three years.

Overall, the fluidity of the music stops at nothing to pull you in. Dark, mystical lyrics delve into the Dajjal, is an evil figure in Islamic religion who will manifest as the antichrist. Together with accomplice and lead guitarist Wenceslas Carrieu (also known as W. Cadaver and ex-Cadaveric Fumes), founding member, vocalist, and rhythm guitarist Vlad delves into their inspiration of pure evil.

The album’s opening track, “Ksar Al- Kufar,” establishes the overall mood. This is as nasty as it gets, with double-peddling drums that’ll pierce the ears, so turn it up!  Vlad’s devious screams backed by the 12 string guitars, ominous, and haunting sound enables the listener to visualize and feel the contentions of the band. The lyrics entice the listener to join in their threatening excursion. To be frank, this album’s instrumentals are insane (twelve strings) and will entice you wanting more.

Vlad expressed about the album, “our most black metal record, with splashes of death metal here and there. Whereas on the previous album all tempos were pushed to the extreme, there’s far more variety here to be found. It also gave us free reins to reach a more mystical, Biblical if you will vibe,” fed by his experience living in Turkey in the late ’10s. “We choose to focus on the Dajjal character, basically the antichrist in the Muslim religion. The Coran says that he’ll appear as a false prophet only to bring doom to this world, with an army of demons coming from the east.”


“The Fifth Floor” takes you to another dimension of darkness. This is dramatic, and the listener can feel the disdain and grind of the 12 strings. The wall of sound created by all members continue their assault into the next track.

From the start of “Dii Mauri,” Vlad’s vocals wickedly invite the onslaught, and straight into penetrating unholy realm. Dabbling into death and black metal, there are interesting twists and turns leaving you on the edge of your seat.

The album is nothing short of incredible. I implore you to experience all eight tracks into this frightening and eerie trip, you won’t regret it.

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