Album Review: Night Demon – “Curse Of The Damned”

Night Demon
Curse Of The Damned
(Century Media)

The new Night Demon makes me want to go out and find hessian strippers for the purpose of sanguine debauchery. This is a special album. My ears are soaking in all of its ’80s metal glory. There are three things I like about it, and that is not necessarily a direct reference to the number of people in the band though it could be taken that way.

It’s catchy, fun, and the music is written without any pompous debonair.

The lead singer Jarvis Leatherbyon sounds a lot like John Bush of Anthrax and Armored Saint. The content of the songwriting is also very similar to early Anthrax, but the accentuation of the bass impresses upon me comparisons toward Iron Maiden as well. The title track “Curse of the Damned” is incredible. It is a catchy track that pleases the listener with heavy audible bass lines, a great guitar solo, and fun lyrics. In fact many of the tracks on this album offer the same variety. An epic ballad “The Howling Man” is such a treat halfway through the album.

After all there isn’t a single bad track on Curse of the Damned. It can be a bit redundant, and maybe you might want to stop the album halfway through and revisit it later if the sameness of traditionally influenced metal bothers you. Each song is a quality track made by musicians who certainly feel a passion for old school tunes. Even an ancient Metallica riff was pulled off of Kill Em All for the song “Killer”, and that riff basically just repeats itself through the song just like it did on “Hit the Lights” with outstanding effect. (Nick Madripoor)

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