Album Review: Normandie – Dopamine


Normandie’s latest album, Dopamine, is a dynamic sonic exploration that captivates from start to finish. With a blend of alternative rock and electronic elements, the band demonstrate their ability to push boundaries and deliver a refreshing listening experience.

From the opening track to the final notes, Dopamine takes the listener on a journey through a spectrum of emotions. Album opener “Overdrive” flows smoothly, reminiscent of the vibe found on “Flowers For The Grave.” The sounds are crisp and refined, reminiscent of the alternative rock of yesteryear, but with more intense overtones.

Elsewhere on the album Normandie manages to reach the peak they’ve longed for. Songs like “Babylon” and “Hostage” set the tone, capturing the energy and essence of the band, the latter featuring Bury Tomorrow’s Dani Winter-Bates.

Similarly, Philip Strand’s emotive vocal performance envelops the listener on “Serotonin,” a force that also drives “Colorblind” with Anton Franzon’s powerful percussion. Although “Glue,” the final track, leans towards the band’s more positive side, its upbeat tone provides an uplifting conclusion. An album that is, for the most part, steeped in angst.

This album is a testament to Normandie’s creativity and marks an important turning point in their career. With Dopamine, they have consolidated their position and reaffirmed why they are considered one of the most promising names on the scene today.

Dopamine is out February 9, and you can pre-order it from Easy Life Records. Follow Normandie on Twitter andInstagram for future updates.

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