Album Review: Nothing More – “Nothing More”

Nothing More
Nothing More
(Eleven Seven Music)

Nothing More, an alternative metal act and relatively new proponent in the mainstream radio world, has after several records begun to make an impression beyond their native San Antonio base.

Nothing More released their self-titled, sixth EP Nothing More in late June of 2014 under Eleven Seven music, a label shared by Nikki Sixx, Five Finger Death Punch and Drowning Pool.

Nothing More, is an album merging progressive and alternative metal, although some industrial elements are strong as well.

The primary single, which gained significant radio play in California metropolitan areas, “This is the Time” absolutely bleeds driving bass lines and energetic vocals from Jonny Hawkins. Hawkins’ vocals bear some similarities in pitch and range to Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez.

Nothing More has a great live stage presence and consistently likes to incorporate additional percussion instruments in their shows. These components transfer to recorded material as well. Electronic percussion dominates “Surface Flames,” a track on the latter half of the album.

There’s is definitely something to be said about Nothing More, especially for breaking into radio. Their sound is absolutely marketable and cohesive to modern rock trends. However, if Nothing More could really dig into their progressive and even industrial sides, that they have sparingly shown us, maybe they could reach more audiences. (Macie Bennett)

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