Album Review: Omut – “Дзесяць шляхоў праз дрыгву”

Дзесяць шляхоў праз дрыгву (Ten Paths Through The Swamp)

Hailing from Belarus, Omut offers a wonderful blend of folk and death metal. There are two vocalists in Omut who contrast with one another back and forth, but they’re also equally listenable. The female lead maintains a high pitched sweet voice throughout the album whereas the male lead likes to get into the lower timbre death growl. The riffs and licks on this album are magnificent. I found that they drew a lot of inspiration from post-thrash groove metal and early 90s death metal, and combined with the sound of the mandolin and violin this band really offers something worth listening to even if one doesn’t know a word of Belarusian. (Nic P)

Purchase Дзесяць шляхоў праз дрыгву here.

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