Album Review: Paradise Lost – “The Plague Within”

Paradise Lost
The Plague Within
(Century Media)

There was a time in the early-to-mid ‘90s when Paradise Lost were the gothic metal band to be reckoned with. While I haven’t exactly been following their more recent activity, judging by The Plague Within, they haven’t missed a single step. Core songwriters Nick Holmes (vocals) and Greg Mackintosh (guitar) are still composing some memorable tracks fourteen albums in, and the band as a whole sound as tight as they ever have. Some cuts do come across as merely filler, but tracks like “No Hope in Sight,” “An Eternity of Lies,” and “Return to the Sun” do more than make up for any mediocrity. Chances are you won’t be let down by The Plague Within if Paradise Lost is already your type of thing. (Jesse Striewski)

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