Album Review: Pears – “Go To Prison”

Go To Prison

(Gunner Records)

When I first gave Pears’ album, Go To Prison, a listen, I had to sit in quiet reflection as to what I had just heard. This is hands down one of the best releases of 2014. For a new band on the block, out of the voodoo juju of New Orleans, Pears’ debut full-length album has it all. This ten song album packs the punch of hardcore/punk and everything in between all in a mere twenty-two minutes.

Starting off with “You’re Boring” this song is everything but and is a clear indicator of what to expect in the upcoming songs. Speed, anger, distortion, but also melodic, the bands style is a bipolar  roller coaster ride of musical twists and turns. One minute being angry hardcore with grimy vocals, the next a pop-punk upbeat tempo, to a hidden thrashy riff. In “Victim To Be” and a great rendition of The Ramones’ “Judy Is A Punk,” vocalist Zach Quinn isn’t afraid to soften his vocal style to complement the musicianship of the rest of the band. But then in “Framework” and “Terrible” you’re brought back to the raspy gritty distorted hardcore/punk vibe. “Grimespree” is without a doubt a great way to end this album. Brian, Jarrett, and Alex take the reigns and randomly segue into a few seconds of doom, but it seems to make sense and blends considerably well with the rest of the song. Is there anything these guys can’t do?

It’s clear that these gents are damn good at making music and it is only apparent in their own crazy chaotic tunes that the passion is strong within. They set out to create a powerful, hard-hitting album and they have accomplished just that. Go To Prison has many unique components stylistically that sets Pears apart from the rest of the scene. Diversity seeps through as each member adds his own musical flare. I can only imagine how great they must be live! (Stacey Heath)

Purchase Go To Prison here: Digital | Gunner Records | Anxious & Angry

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