Album Review: People On Vacation – “The Chronicles of Tim Powers”

People On Vacation
The Chronicles of Tim Powers
(Brando Records)

This side project from Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick took a few listens, but eventually grew on me. At first glance I found it to be somewhat on the generic side (and by the looks of its album cover/title…on the dorky side too!), yet I was surprised by how much I ended up actually liking it though. The music is a bit simplistic, but the lyrics range anywhere from thought-provoking, to clever and witty (“I was always so carnivorous, you forced me to eat plants, I never wanted to do yoga, but I always liked the pants” from “We Shoulda Made It” is one of my personal favorites.). Tracks like “I’ve Got Your Back,” “I Might Change My Mind,” and “You May Not Believe in God” (which has a relatively entertaining video to go along with it as well) also serve as standouts. While pop-punk may not be my main forte, every once in awhile I’ll find a needle in a haystack; this is definitely one of them. (Jesse Striewski)

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