Album Review: Prong – “Songs From The Blackhole”

Songs From The Blackhole
(eOne Music / SPV)

Pulling from a wellspring of musical influence, Songs From The Blackhole is an eclectic batch of covers, masterfully recorded by Prong. The 11-track jaunt that runs from Bad Brains to Neil Young is a must-hear for Prong fans and punk rock aficionados alike. Singer/guitarist Tommy Victor belts out the Butthole Surfers’ aggro classic “Goofy’s Concern” with pissed-off abandon, backed by bassist Jason Christopher’s and drummer Art Cruz’ bruising rhythm. The power and overall heaviness range of the Prong trio shine throughout the record. Though it may not have been Victor’s intention to “one-up” the bands from whence the covers came (i.e.,“Doomsday Doomsday” by Discharge), the technical flair his band brings is staggering. The cover of Killing Joke’s “Seeing Red” is a standout, and an adrenalized version of “Banned in D.C” by Bad Brains highlight the gamut. (Charlie Steffens)

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